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Flying into Fuerteventura a stop off on the way to Gambia


Liam's interest in photography started around 1990, with the help of a former work colleague who was a semi-professional in his own right, Liam  soon grasped the fundamentals of this challenging new hobby. Having been brought up in the country Liam's  interests tended to sway towards wildlife and other forms of Natural History, which is now taking up a large part of his life, once a standard had been reached that he was happy with his photography inevitability led to that of travel and has since travelled to many destinations both at home and aboard in search of the more remote subjects.

Liam took on the role as volunteer warden with Herefordshire Wildlife Trust (HWT) in 2004, tending to Wessington Pasture Woolhope, a twenty-seven acres reserve that comprises of woodland and pasture with an array of flora and fauna i.e. Fallow deer, Green and Great Spotted Woodpecker, Wild Daffodil, Adders Tongue Fern and Marbled White Butterfly to name but a few, he also combines this role with Natural England (NE) as a licensed monitor of Dormouse activity. In recent years Liam has  started contributing to the stock industry and has had his work published in many books and magazines, Liam has also exhibited on two occasions at both h.Art and Glasbury Arts Festival.

Liam's work is represented by Alamy.

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